Optimising Real Estate:
Is it all about Square Footage?

Intelligent design can increase the value of a property beyond the metrics of square footage*. A creative vision, attuned to the desires and needs of the target market, will transform an anonymous asset into a profitable development with a compelling identity.

Our award-winning, multidisciplinary team has more than 15 years’ experience using architecture and design to help developers optimise their investments.

We deliver value and create profit by uniting architects, planning consultants, quantity surveyors and financial analysts within the same talented team.

For a fixed fee, we will provide you with an independent and objective Asset Optimisation Report that includes:

- Assessment of development opportunities
- Design options leading to project definition
- End user profiling
- Market analysis and strategy
- Cost projection
- Investment appraisal
- Pre-planning due diligence
- Planning submission

Our RIBA chartered practice offers full architectural and interior design services and a boutique consultancy that is fully attentive and adaptable to the needs of private and institutional clients.

Some of our recent projects include:

The Chilterns W1, Marylebone, London – Client: Galliard Homes
44 luxury apartments, 84% of which sold above target price within 6 months of launch.

Carlow House, Camden, London – Client: Galliard Homes
85 designed apartments, 50% of which sold within 3 months. Only 4 units were left for sale before completion.

St. John’s Wood, London – Client: Roundwood Developments
A new build 10,000 sqft neo-Georgian style single family home, which sold above asking price within a week of completion.

The Boltons, London – Client: private developer
Extension of an existing 4,700 sqft split maisonette into an 8,200 sqft single family house with luxurious interior and finishes. Rented above market rate within two months of completion.

The Radisson Edwardian Hotel, Guildford, Surrey – Client: Radisson Hotel Group and Marcol Group
Generation of a concept with a commercial approach, featuring interior design, a front of house programme and design development. Booking over 70% in the first week, followed by sustained booking above this mark for the first two years of business.

The Rough Luxe Hotel, Kings Cross, London – Client: private family office
Grade II listed building in Kings Cross transformed into a hotel and art gallery space, part of a Boutique Hotel concept development for a client with a European hospitality portfolio. The Rough Luxe Hotel generated immediate worldwide press interest, its innovative style and concept generating a global design trend and numerous emulations. The hotel has experienced continuous near 100% occupancy since opening while simultaneously boosting sales and media interest across the client’s European hospitality portfolio.

Versso Island, Hotel and Spa Development, Pyhtää, Finland – Client: Municipality of Pyhtää and Cursor Ltd
Concept development, planning and development advisory for a 120 room hotel and Spa focusing on Finnish wellbeing and quality of natural Nordic food, sport and healthful lifestyle. Creating the concept, connecting the local authorities with potential partners and putting in place a team to implement the project.

*According to a recent RIBA report, 78% of UK property agents consider good design of great importance, while 89% claim it has had an important or very important impact on occupancy and take-up rates in the rental market. The report highlights other academic studies which show that good architecture can improve well-being, is beneficial to learning, reduces crime, boosts company profitability and makes employees feel valued, while a recent study in the US has shown that even in the 2008/9 downturn, green and energy efficient buildings provided investors with significant economic benefits in terms of higher rents and lower risk premiums.